Vivekananda School of Journalism & Mass Communication

Book Fair Report

  1. Name of the Organizing Department: VSJMC

  2. Type of Activity/Event: (Conference / Workshop/ FDP/ etc.) Field Assignment

  3. Title of Activity/Event: Coverage of 25th Delhi Book Fair

  4. Objectives of the Event:

          To learn skills of observing places and people

          To explore the situations of outdoor recording

          To become capable of identifying required sounds and elimination of the unwanted ones

       To conceptualize and implement idea of a radio program

  1. Date & Time: 11th-15th September 2019 ( 10 am- 4 pm)

  2. Venue: Pragati Maidan ( Hall no 11)

  3. Notice of the announcement of Activity / Event:

  4. Name & brief profile of the Guest(s) / Speaker(s):

  5. Faculty Coordinator(s): Dr. Amit Channa, Dr. Ankit Sharma, Dr. Atul Upadhyay, Dr. Chetna Bhatia , Mr. Anurag Gupta

  6. Student Coordinator(s): Class Representative of BA(JMC) Sem III All sections

  7. List of Faculty Attendees / Participants:

  8. List of Student Attendees / Participants: BA(JMC) Sem III Sec A, Sec B,Sec C,Sec D, Sec E

  9. Feedback received from the participants of the event:

  10. Sample copies of the certificates distributed (few for records):

The students of BA(JMC) Sem III attended 25th Delhi Book Fair at Pragati Maidan. Since there are five sections for Radio production, each section was allotted a different day for recording radio programs in the field. They were issued audio recorders by the college for this purpose. The students explored various book stalls, interacted with the visitors and different publishers. They took interviews and vox pop on topics like preference of e-books over hard cover books, importance of reading, facilities given to publishers and emerging and changing patterns of interests of bibliophiles. It was a learning experience for them to hold and use recording equipment, observe the wanted and unwanted sounds and asking the right set of questions in the right order from a heterogeneous audience consisting of school children, youth and old-aged people as well. They applied the concepts and principles of placement of microphones, managing audio level, using different buttons of recorder and analyzing the various dimensions of the event.

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