Vivekananda School of Journalism & Mass Communication

Bridge course in Video Editing, 2019

A four week certificate course in Video Editing was organized by Vivekananda School of Journalism and Mass Communication (VSJMC) from October 18, 2019 to November 4, 2019.

The course was open to all the students of VIPS and it received an overwhelming response from the students across the streams. A total of 80 entries were received for the registration out of which 59 students were selected for the course. The fee for the course was kept at the minimal amount of Rs. 200 per student

The faculty members, Mr. Abhinav Arohi, Mr. Ashish Verma and Dr. Ankit Sharma conducted the workshop comprising a total of 8 sessions (Two sessions per day) out of which the last two sessions were arranged for the students in order to have industry experience from the expert

Mr. Ankit Pushkarna who is associated with the Film industry for a long time and has over 10 years of diverse experience in the field of video production.

Day 01, October 18, 2019

The session began by addressing the students and giving a brief introduction about the course by Dr. Ankit Sharma. He then explained the various nuances of Visual and Audio elements involved in motion pictures with the help of multiple presentations. The concept of Persistence of Vision was also demonstrated to the students with the help of various working models. Mr. Ashish Verma then took over to explain the history of video editing in detail in order to clarify the concepts of the art of video editing for the students. He also showed various classical examples which explained the concepts in detail.

The students were then given an assignment based on In-Camera Editing which was to be completed within the time frame of 15 minutes. The objective of the assignment was to assess the knowledge gained by the students from the previous sessions and its practical applicability…

bridge course 768x1086 1

The students enthusiastically participated in the activity and completed the assignment in time to get it checked by the concerned faculty.

The last session of the day began with Mr. Abhinav Arohi introducing the Non-Linear Editing software and demonstrated Adobe Premiere Pro to the students. The students were briefed about the User Interface and basic steps involved in the non-linear editing software. The students were asked to follow along with the faculty and try the steps on their respective systems. The overall exercise was interactive in nature and the students were able to grasp the knowledge of the software by hands on training. This concluded the day.

Day 01, October 18, 2019

The session on day 02 began by addressing the queries of the students from the previous sessions.

Mr. Abhinav Arohi then explained the process of video editing in detail. He also described the concept of Stop Motion and gave an assignment to the students to create their own Stop Motion Videos by working in groups and submit the same on the next day

The next session was covered by Dr. Ankit Sharma who explained the Grammar of Editing including the concepts of continuity, discontinuity, importance and types of cuts etc.

The last session, by Mr. Ashish Verma was based on Adobe Premiere Pro who demonstrated and explained in detail the various types of transitions and effects used in the editing process. He also clarified the significance of different transitions and effects with their meanings.

Day 03, November 01, 2019

The session on day 03 began by evaluating the stop motion videos created by students in the previous sessions. Mr. Abhinav Arohi then demonstrated the concept of Key-Frames and their various uses in the NLE software. The students were given enough time to practice the key-framing on their systems under the guidance of the faculty.

Dr. Ankit Sharma then discussed the process of shot selection and their arrangement for a powerful storytelling. The students were divided into groups and each group was assigned to visualize, shoot and edit a sequence. All the sequences were duly submitted in time and checked by the faculty.

bridge course 768x1086 2

Mr. Ashish Verma then started another hands on training exercise with the students by describing multiple tools and process of the editing in the NLE software. The students were provided with stock footage and audio files and were asked to prepare a Montage from the same.

The students were engaged by the exercise and created good video sequences from the provided files.

Day 04, November 04, 2019

Day 04, which was also the last day of this course was specifically designed for the industry interface. For this purpose, Mr. Ankit Pushkarna (Industry Expert) who is also an alumnus of VIPS, was invited to the college.

Mr. Pushkarna started his first session by explaining the art of editing to the students through an interactive exercise wherein he presented various images and asked the students’ perspectives about the same. Sharing his experiences and journey to the editing world, he then moved on to present his recent Television Commercial for JBL and Delhi Capitals (IPL) and explained the theoretical and practical concepts behind the same.

He also demonstrated through various exercises the importance and use of audio elements followed by an open Q&A session for the students regarding different aspects of video editing including career advice from Mr. Pushkarna.

The course concluded with a Valedictory session and certificate distribution by Prof. Sidharth Mishra, Chairperson, VSJMC & VSIT, VIPS and Prof. Dr. Charu Lata Singh, Dean, VSJMC, VIPS. After interacting with the participants the Dean received a positive response from the students and congratulated the organizers.

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